Anything unusual from the Black Forest – including carved clocks of unusual theme, or automation. 

Clocks with soldiers, monks, cuckoo, cuckoo Quail, eye turners, tin-plate painted clocks, singing bird clocks, musical clocks, etc.

Trumpeter clocks, flute clocks, miniature clocks, or otherwise intricately carved or unusual pieces, or cuckoos with large exposed birds. 

We also buy partial clocks, and or parts, broken clocks, or restorations in any stage of the process.

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Just Like the Old West:


We have all heard the same stories. This clock was found in a barn. This clock was found in Grandpa's attic. This clock is broken and needs a good home with someone who can restore it and have it enjoyed by generations to come.

We know there are all sorts of clocks, found under the dust and dirt amid the cobwebbed corners of the world.

And we'd like to find them!

So, here we have assembled a collection of photos of clocks we really are searching for – hoping that a few of them just might find their way to us!

Enjoy the photos, and better yet: if you know where any of these are, we'd appreciate you dropping us a line to let us know!

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