Unique and Interesting Collections: Other Collectors and Their Clocks

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A large collection in England.  A lot of them are "wall filler",  but some of them are pretty good pieces.

Heinrich Englamann,  and I enjoy a browse at the 2015 Eisenbach clock fair. Hosted by Hubert Wursthorn.

The Frank Snyder collection...

A rare photograph of the Jahann Baptiste Beha workshops in Eisenbach, 1888.

The Frank Snyder collection

From New Jersey.  Probably the most comprehensive collection of Emilian Wehrle  trumpeter, flute and singing bird clocks in the world today.

   Most are known to be one-off and the only known examples. Frank is also the premiere restoration expert on the subject, has done several clocks in my own collection with astounding precision and care.  Here are just a few examples from his large collection.

Frank can be reached via email at,