April 16-17th  2016.

The wife and I attend every year and on a personal invite from Hubert, The owner and host,  a splendid time and of coarse..  When in Germany.....

2016 Eisenbach clock fair!  

Held in the magnificent and historical town of Eisenbach in the heart of the Black forest,  home town of one of the greatest makers of all time.  Johann Baptist Beha.   Be sure to reserve your room at the WONDERFUL hotel Bad,  owned by Hubert Wursthorn.  The Bad was once owned by Johann Baptist  and is still in the family.  The history in this place is amazing, and add in the clock fair and carnival atmosphere at the hotel, a MUST see for any collector.  April 15th and 17th  2016.

"And hear the pleasant cuckoo, loud and long; 

 The simple bird that thinks two notes a song." 

 (William Henry Davies) 

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